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Siet Watch - Siet Watch


The Siet Meccanica Firenze wristwatch perfectly fits the luxury and the “Haut Orologerié” worlds, a great mix of Italian style and new design according the “Soul of the Time” company inspiration.

The soul of the time

Today the watch can’t be simply consider something to show the correct time, signing hours and second; a watch represents a real jewel, an accessory integrating the personal look who wears it.

Time’s icons, design masterpieces, little miracles of human skill, the Siet wristwatch perfectly fits the “Haut Orologerié” standards offering a great mix of Italian style and new design according the “Soul of the Time” trend.

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SIET’s Watch


“Quarantanove”, the name of our wristwatch comes from the watchcase “grand” diameter.
The reason of manufacturing such big size wristwatches comes from the intention to use the very special clockwork moves the “Quarantanove”, the famous 6497 & 6498 by ETA UNITAS. Such fine manual clockwork born in Switzerland in the ’60 for the pocket watches is been only later used for some specific big high quality wristwatches.
Making the “Quarantanove” with the UNITAS clockwork is not just been inspired to the today giant wristwatch trend but to the intention to offer a watch featuring one of the most sophisticated and precise clockwork available today.

From design to construction


no compromise design involving the best engineering resources and materials are the peculiarity around the “Quarantanove” is born. All parts of the watchcase including the crown, the bracelet blocking shafts and all screws, are wholly machined by solid block of metal; no parts are die cast or moulded at all. We mainly use Titanium guarantees a higher resistance and solidity being 40% lighter and stronger, bio and totally hypoallergenic than the stainless steel. We use the best variety of Titanium, the Grade 5, so pure to be used for the Formula 1 car piston rod’s engine and for all high tech medical industry. The material machined from solid block of metal enables a perfect life time finish work too, something that would be impossible to get from die cast material normally used by the majority of the highly named competitors.

The “Quarantanove” is offered in a different variety oif options and material: The full Titanium model is even available in a all black finish obtained by a special treatment called DLC “Diamond Like Carbon” ensure an incredible durability and resistance to scratches.

The “Quarantanove” is also available with the watchcase made of Stainless Steel 316L alloy as well as Bronze, both prestigious metals particularly used in the shipbuilding industry for their really great resistance. The “Quarantanove” finally is available made by the best aluminium alloy series 7000 called Ergal, mainly used in aerospace application for its special lightness and durability, it is treated with special military black or green anodization guarantees unalterable look.

in detail


and the Bezel

Watertight seal and aesthetics in a single solution

One of the peculiar design of the “Quarantanove” is the way the watchcase-back and the bezel are secured featuring seven custom screws both. The watchcase-back screws particularly are made with a special conical design enhances a perfect sealing work and nice cosmetic too.

Sapphire glasses

Resistant and anti-reflective

All SIET watches also feature sapphire top and watchcase-back glasses; quite as hard like real diamonds, the sapphire glass guarantees the best unalterable durability and a perfect transparency in all light conditions.

Watch crown

Guaranteed for deep immersion

The watch crown features a double rubber seal allow 10 bar sealing that means an exceptional 100 meters waterproof. 

Hand finished

For a unique product

All parts of the watch are skilfully hand made to clearly show any single item is comes from a unique solid block of metal.


The begin

SIET started in the 2006 is activity immediately focusing its business in the high precision mechanical work. Just about few years and mainly due to the passion and the ability of it is founder, Simone Nencioni, together with all his business partners, SIET has become one of the leader high precision mechanical companies excelling in innovation, quality and reliability. Since the very first begin, “the quality”, is been the absolutely core business of SIET that, through the production of its great watches likes showing everybody its skill about. All parts making any SIET watch is made following the highest standard of quality and high technology merged with the personal skill and experience of hand made work together.

“The passion for the mechanical wristwatches is been the main reason that let SIET start this wonderful project. Making something could franly be considered innovative and designed the best is been SIET sole object.”

The main idea was manufacturing something new using the largest and one of the best Swiss clockwork available today using also the best material and technical solutions. Once all details were defined and after several 3D computer designs the very first prototype was released in May 2013. For its unique virtues and special look the “Quarantanove” caught the attention of many watch enthusiasts could see it and push us to begin a real production made with the maximum care the greatest wristwatches deserve. Then the work of “Quarantanove” started in our wonderful workshop in Montespertoli, in the middle of the beautiful Tuscany countryside next by Florence.


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